Our Princesses

At Upon a Star Enchantments, we’re very passionate about our princesses and it shows in every event we've put on. Since we officially opened our doors in 2020, our list of magical parties has only grown. Find your perfect princess and learn more about the best entertainers in the industry.


Our Snow Princess

Frozen 2 Costume

This Princess is a fun-loving, charismatic ball of energy that brings love and joy to any event. From her sweet spirit to her lovely voice, she is bound to make your next party special!


Our Ice Queen

Frozen 2 Costume

To bring ANY princess party up to a 10, invite a Queen! Our Ice Queen specializes in singing, storytelling, and fun games. She makes any event truly magical!

Ariel 24.heic

Our Little Mermaid

Village Dress, Pink or Teal Ball Gown

This little fishy is so excited about attending human festivities- in fact, she can hardly wait! Your little guppie friends are sure to get along swimmingly. Hugs and fishes!


Our Enchanted Rose Princess

Beauty and the Beast

As beautiful as a rose and as smart as can be, this Princess brings light and knowledge to all her kingdom. Graceful and sweet, she really lives up to the name Beauty!


Our Cindy

"Have Courage and Be Kind."

From rags to royalty, Cindy truly is the loveliest of all. Her heart of gold will surely bring sunshine on any cloudy day! She is friendly, compassionate, and has the voice of an angel. Be sure to include this beauty at your next event!


Our Brave Princess

"Chase the wind and touch the sky!"

This giggling joyful princess is a ball of energy! If her fiery personality doesn't win you over, then her free spirit and beautiful accent will send you soaring. This Princess showcases strength and bravery in everything she does, and she may even be willing to teach you the ways of the Bow and Arrow...


Our Punzie

Princess Rapunzel

This Golden-haired beauty is full of sunshine and smiles wherever she goes! She is kindhearted, brave, and adventurous. Be sure to sen an invite for Rapunzel!


Our Traveling Princess

Frozen 1 Costume

Nothing can keep this Princess down! She is spunky, fun-loving, and full of the spirit of adventure. You are sure to have a blast with this special Princess at your event!


Our Coronation Princess

Frozen 1 Costume

Elegance? Check. Grace? Check. Unlimited energy and ready to have fun? Check! This Princess may be dressed for a ball, but she loves to run around and play games! Her favorite foods are sandwiches and chocolate and she loves singing at the top of her lungs. Let's dance together!


Our Sleeping Beauty

"Make it Pink!"

Knows by many names, this Princess is sure to bring beauty and grace to any event! Her golden hair and rosy lips pair so well with her sweet, sweet voice- she will certainly steal the show!


Our Snowy White Princess

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Sweet as can be, Snow White is the original Princess whose class simply cannot be beat! Radiating kindness and bubbling pure joy, she will greet any party with a smile and a song.



Alice in Wonderland

Sure to kick any Tea Party up to a 10, Alice will certainly be the life of the party! This proper young lady is dainty and elegant, and ready to bring smiles and laughter to your child. Available for any Unbirthday (or regular Birthday) Celebration!

Copy of Song.png


Hold onto your umbrellas, kids! The Jolly Holiday Nanny is coming soon to make any job a GAME.

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