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Why should I book a Princess for my child's party?

Every child has a role model, and many of those role models consist of Princesses! Inviting a Princess to your special event can make many magical memories for years to come. Plus, having a Princess as entertainment means YOU (the coolest parent in your child's friend group) get to sit and relax while a professional Princess entertains everyone at the party. Book your Princess Party today!

How long should I book my Princes for my party?

I'm glad you asked! Most parties and events last between 1.5 - 2.5 hours. We recommend Princesses arrive after all the party guests have arrived so each Princess can make a grand entrance for the children. For similar reasons, Princesses should leave just before the party ends so no child has to witness Princesses driving away or exchanging money with parents. We don't like to spoil the magic! We recommend having a princess for at least 1 hour or an hour and a half to avoid any magical mishaps.

How far in advance should I book my party?

As much notice as possible is the best answer to that! When booking for a special birthday, we like to offer our best dates and times to you. To ensure you date and time is not already booked for another event, we recommend at least 1 months notice - if not more!

What should I prepare for my Princess visit?

When Princesses arrive at each party they will bring supplies for music entertainment, party crafts, games, stories, and more. However, providing a chair for the Princess to sit in for story time is never a bad idea! We also recommend having a nice place for the children to take pictures with their heroes. With each party package you have the option to add on more fun activities, like face painting or makeovers. These party favors will come with specific instructions when booking your package.